Get healthcare without insurance

Can't afford health insurance? You can afford Pocketero. Get the best prices when paying out of pocket. It's usually much more cost-effective than health insurance.

Health insurance costs $560 per month on average for an individual. If you can't afford it, you pay out of pocket at the worst prices.

Pocketero costs only $19 per month for a whole family. Use Pocketero providers and pay out of pocket at the best prices.


When patients pay out of pocket, providers avoid the complications, delays, and expenses of insurance. That's why our providers give their best prices to our members.


When patients aren't using insurance, providers are allowed to disclose their prices. Our providers share their prices with our members, so our members can make informed decisions.


When patients pay directly, there is no cause for additional billing months later. Our providers bill everything up front so our members never get surprise bills.

You need price protection

For un-insured patients, healthcare prices are generally between 2x and 4x higher.

"... those least able to pay are the ones singled out to pay the highest rates"
   — Stephen Brill, Time Magazine

"... hospitals typically charge uninsured emergency room patients four times what they're willing to accept from Medicare for the same service"
   — Gene Emergy, Reuters

"Medical bills are reported to be the number-one cause of U.S. bankruptcies."
   — Kimberly Amadeo, The Balance

Photo of a man very happy after getting a huge discount on a medical bill

How it works for members

It's easy to start getting the best prices on healthcare:

  1. Open a member account (you can pay for yourself or be sponsored).
  2. When you want healthcare, find a Pocketero provider in your area. (If a provider isn't in our network yet, you can invite them.)
  3. Visit the provider, receive their best price, and pay out of pocket.
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Patients pay a small monthly fee to be a Pocketero member, or they can be sponsored by their employer/church/etc.

$19 per month

per family household

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