The best deal for most people

Pocketero is usually much more cost-effective than health insurance.

Personalize your health insurance values


(Average individual policy in 2022: $560 premium and $2,004 deductible.)

Find the lowest out-of-pocket cost


See how Pocketero is the lowest cost unless you have very high medical bills?

The vertical difference between lines is your potential savings. For example, if your total medical bills are $20k, you might spend $8,492 out of pocket with health insurance, but only $5,240 with Pocketero. The difference of $3,252 is your potential savings with Pocketero.

Why is Pocketero such a good deal?

Pocketero has an incredible cost-benefit ratio. It only costs $19 per month for your whole family household. In exchange, you get the best prices from every Pocketero provider. That's a very low cost to save an average of 50% on medical bills.

Which is the best deal for you?

The best deal depends on your actual medical bills for the year:

Total medical bills Best deal
Zero (rare) Un-insured
Low/Medium (common) Pocketero
High (rare) Health insurance

Some people want a clear limit on their out-of-pocket spending, regardless how high their medical bills are. They might choose a combination of Pocketero and inexpensive health insurance.

The best deal may also depend on whether you're willing to do some extra work. Specifically, you may need to ask your provider to join the Pocketero network if they haven't already. Also, you may need to submit your health insurance claims if you reach your deductible. If you don't want to do any extra work, you might prefer health insurance over Pocketero in spite of worse prices.

When to have health insurance

You should pay for health insurance if you can afford it. Even if you live safe and healthy, you never know when you could suffer a major health setback, like a car crash or a cancer diagnosis. It's smart to protect yourself financially with at least a "catastrophic" policy.

When to have Pocketero

You should join Pocketero unless you have health insurance and expect to meet your deductible for the year. That's the only case where it doesn't make sense to join. Otherwise, you should minimize your out-of-pocket expenses by joining Pocketero.

Disclaimer: Out-of-pocket scenarios are not promises of actual results. They are purely hypothetical scenarios based on multiple assumptions, including:

  • User inputs for "health insurance" are accurate and un-changing.
  • All billing providers are in the Pocketero network (Pocketero members can invite providers to join the network).
  • Un-insured discount prices are always granted and always 85% of list prices (usually called cash-pay/prompt-pay/self-pay discount).
  • Health insurance prices are 50% of list prices (NY Times finds "[list] prices tend to be more than twice as high as those paid by private insurers").
  • Pocketero prices are 25% of list prices (KFF finds "private insurers paid nearly double Medicare rates for all hospital services").
  • Health insurance copay/coinsurance is zero (meaning health insurance costs are probably under-stated).