How to invite a provider to join our network

Want to use a doctor or hospital that isn't in the Pocketero network? No problem. It's free and easy for them to join – you just need to invite them.

Sending an invite

To invite a provider to join the Pocketero network so you can get their best price:

  1. Sign in to your Pocketero account (or open an account).
  2. Find your desired provider.
  3. Click to "Invite".
  4. Call the provider and ask them to join the network. Explain it's free to join, and that you need them to join so you can get care from them.

Invite anyone

Unlike an insurance company, we empower you to get healthcare from anyone you want. You can invite any provider to join our network.

You make the difference

We've found providers are most likely to join the Pocketero network when real patients ask them. In other words, nobody is more persuasive with doctors and hospitals than you.

If you invite a provider to join our network, we will reach out to them by fax and phone. But that's often not sufficient. It's critical that you reach out to them too.