Easier revenue, more profit

Pocketero is a non-insurance network. Get paid at rates you already accept, at the time of service – no billing necessary.

Joining the Pocketero network is effortless. It only takes 2 minutes because there's no credentialing. If you can fulfill the provider commitments, you should join now.


Pocketero patients pay at the time of service. That improves your revenue cycle time and eliminates non-payment, both of which make your practice more profitable.


With Pocketero patients, there are no insurance claims. That means no hassles with coding requirements, unexpected denials, frustrating phone calls, etc.


It feels awful to charge un-insured patients your highest prices. With Pocketero, you can give these patients your best prices without violating your insurer agreements.

Healthcare provider with patients paying out of pocket

How it works for providers

It's easy to start accepting Pocketero patients:

  1. Join the network (it's free and easy).
  2. When you have a patient who is a verified Pocketero member, simply comply with the provider commitments, including offering your best price.
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Providers pay nothing to be in the Pocketero network.


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