Don't offer traditional group health benefits?

Pocketero is an alternative health benefit that is incredibly affordable and powerful.

Employer-sponsored health insurance costs $6,640 per year for individual coverage and $16,253 for family coverage on average. If your business can't afford it, your un-insured employees will pay the highest prices for healthcare.

Pocketero is only $228 per year for family coverage. Empower your employees with the best prices from Pocketero providers.


Pocketero costs only $19 per month, per employee household. No other benefit program offers more value for the money than Pocketero.


Un-insured patients get the worst prices on healthcare. As Pocketero members, your employees get the best prices, which are often 4x better.


It's easy to start offering Pocketero as a benefit to your employees. Just open a sponsor account and invite your employees to open member accounts.

You need to offer a health benefit

Employees are less likely to join a company without health benefits, and far more likely to leave it after joining.

"75% of employers say that retaining and attracting quality employees were important outcomes of benefits"
   — Healthcare Trends Institute

"55% of employees cited health coverage as the greatest driver of job satisfaction"
   — Clutch

"76% of millennials reported that benefits customization is important for increasing their loyalty, compared to 67% of baby boomers"
   — MetLife

Photo of a happy small business owner offering an alternative health benefit to employees

How it works for sponsors

Pocketero makes it easy for you to to start offering a valuable alternative benefit to your employees:

  1. Open a sponsor account and pay the $1 initiation fee.
  2. Invite your employees to open a member account and select your business as their sponsor.
  3. Look for an automatic receipt on the 1st of each month, covering your payment for all active employees in the previous month.
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Sponsors pay a small monthly fee for each sponsored member.

$19 per month

per family household sponsored
after a $1 initiation fee

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