Provider commitments

Pocketero network providers make the following commitments to Pocketero network members:

  1. Will offer their best price.
    Providers will give their lowest price to Pocketero network members who pay out of pocket. The lowest price is usually the Medicare rate.
  2. Will offer price quotes on specific services when asked.
    Pocketero network members can equip themselves with pricing information before visiting a provider. Providers will answer specific questions about prices.
  3. Will provide itemized bills.
    Pocketero network members don't need to ask the provider for more details to understand what they're paying for. Providers will give an itemized bill up front, without being prompted.
  4. Will allow patients to choose how to pay.
    Providers will allow payment out of pocket as a Pocketero network member, or payment through health insurance if the member has a policy.
  5. Won't bill for re-usable equipment or negligible time.
    Providers will only bill for resources and time that is substantially consumed.
  6. Won't split charges to separate bills for the same visit.
    Providers will provide a comprehensive bill for each visit.