What if I meet my health insurance deductible?

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If you have both a Pocketero membership and a health insurance plan, you probably haven’t been using your health insurance plan. In other words, you probably didn’t expect to meet your health insurance deductible for the year, so you haven’t been asking your healthcare provider(s) to submit claims to your health insurance.

If you’ve unexpectedly met your health insurance deductible, your health insurance should start covering your medical expenses. First, you need to prove that you’ve met your deductible by filing the claims that your healthcare provider(s) did not.

To file your health insurance claim(s) and prove you’ve met your deductible, see these resources:

You may need to purchase CMS 1500 forms from Amazon, because these forms use special scanner-friendly ink. These forms require that you type your inputs - you cannot hand-write them.

Last updated November 15, 2022